Artist Alexey Vertinsky: poster of concerts 2020

Билеты Пригоди італійців у Італії
05 november 19:00 thursday
Пригоди італійців у Італії
Билеты Ревізор
27 november 19:00 friday
Билеты Історії кохання для дорослих
06 december 19:00 sunday
Історії кохання для дорослих
Билеты Inspector
12 december 19:00 saturday

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Alexey Vertinsky
Alexey Vertinsky
Alexey Vertinsky
Alexey Vertinsky
Alexey Vertinsky
Alexey Vertinsky
Alexey Vertinsky
Alexey Vertinsky

Alexey Vertinsky

Vertinsky Alexey - the theater is his only dream

People's Artist of Ukraine, theater and film actor Alexei Vertinsky, first performed on the stage of the capital's theater in 1997, where he played the role of Sganarelle in the play "Don Giovanni". Despite the critic’s not very laudatory response about his role, the artist did not break down and walked toward his dream with confidence so as not to give it. Now, at his performances, the house is sold out, His name and face are known to everyone. Vertinsky has hundreds of roles in films and theaters. He appreciates the love of the audience more than the title of “People’s Artist”.

Alexey Vertinsky biography and the path to acting popularity

A master of comedic roles in the city of Sumy was born in 1956. Because of his surname, he is often asked the question of his involvement in the famous Vertinsky dynasty. But he replies that kinship is present - his aunt and the children of the artist Alexander Vertinsky maintained relations.
Parents did not work in the field of dramatic art; in general, they did not live well. Due to the fact that the family is large, there are two sisters and a brother, Vertinsky was forced to wear the clothes of older children. He often jokes in interviews that because of his love for beautiful clothes, he achieved fame.
Alexey had four marriages. Three wives were artists, there is a son and daughter, daughter Vertinsky Ksenia is an actress of the theater named after I.Franko.
He showed interest in acting as a child - he played in performances at school. After graduating from school, he took part in the activities of the Shchepkin Sumy Theater. But because of his military service, to which he was called up, he did not serve in the theater for long.
The extravagant appearance of the young man became one of the reasons that no one believed in his success in theatrical art. Deep set eyes, long nose and naughty hair. The novice actor was sarcastic about his “shortcomings”.
After the army, the guy entered the Moscow Circus Variety School. At that time, he simply wanted to get a diploma, and where he did not care where to study. But after graduation, he realized that he had received an excellent education. Alex graduated in 1980.

Search for yourself

After graduating from school, Vertinsky worked for three years in the Novosibirsk circus. In the role of a conversational genre artist, he achieved success, having traveled all over Siberia. The tandem with Mikhail Kuznetsov was especially delighted with the public. After the circus - work in the House of Culture of Sailors as a leader. It was hard during the crisis years of the 90s, like all artists. Then part-time seller, watchman, orderly and the change of several theaters. It was a turning point in life, when sometimes it seemed to him that life was over, a period of alcohol abuse.

Theater in the life of Vertinsky

The young theater in 1997 accepted the artist into its collective. After this, cooperation with the Bravo Theater followed. And so the theatrical activity began, life got better, and bad habits disappeared. According to the artist, he came to the theater to realize himself. The theater plays an important role in his life, he is a dream for him, and a dream cannot be changed.
For many years for the Young Theater, Alexei Vertinsky, whose photo can be found on many posters, is a resident. It can not only be seen on the stage of the theater on Prorizna. The meter accepts an invitation from hundreds of projects, but participates in only a small part of them.
Theatrical works (several of many):

  • The Lion and the Lioness (2001);
  • Round dance of love (2002);
  • The Pickled Aristocrat (2004);
  • Moskoviada (2006);
  • Satisfaction (2010);
  • Mysterious Variations (2013);
  • Liars are required! (2014);
  • August: Osage County (2017);
  • Number Thirteen, or Olinkclusive (2015);
  • How to spend a million that is not there, and other stories of a Jewish boy (2017) and others.


Alexey Vertinsky actor in the cinema

He first appeared on the set in 1980, where he played a supporting role in the military drama “Wedding Night”. After that, there was a break in activity. The return of the artist to the cinema took place in 1999, he played the role of a policeman in the film "East-West". Then came the films “Unconquered”, “Friendly Family”, “Crazy Day, or The Marriage of Figaro” directed by Regis Varnier.
Now the artist speaks ironically enough about the roles in the cinema. He says that he is invited to play the roles of some idiots, psychiatrists, kgbists, and others like that. One of the last roles in the film "Swingers" and "Swingers-2."
Films with the artist:

  • Under the roofs of a big city (2002) - Krymov clown;
  • Three Musketeers (film concert) (2005) - the role of Molby, the servants of the Duke of Buckingham;
  • The Nine Lives of Nestor Makhno (2007) - General Wrangel;
  • orANGELove (2007) - the role of the apartment owner dying of AIDS;
  • Requiem for a witness (2008) - a pathologist;
  • The One Who Is Near (2009) - Phillip, designer;
  • Cedar” pierces the sky (2011) - Mikhail Semenovich Baytalsky, a prisoner in a camp;
  • Millionaire (2012) - butler;
  • Ivan Strength (2013) - General Pisto;
  • Let's kiss (2014) - plastic surgeon Vera;
  • Major (2014) - Professor of Psychiatry;
  • Sherlock (2015) - the grandfather of Moriarty;
  • Servant of the people (2019) - designer (5 series), Louis XVI (20 series) and many other films.


History of the creative path - titles and awards

For his talent and hard work, the artist was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine in 2004. And in 2015 he was awarded the honorary title People's Artist of Ukraine. Vertinsky’s collection contains many prizes, grand prix and diplomas (“Kiev Pectoral” Award, Silver Medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine and others).
Alexey Vertinsky performs on stage not only in Kiev. Together with the theater troupe he visits the cities of Ukraine. You can always follow the playbill with the participation of one of the most outstanding theater actors of our time on our website.